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How Long is each therapy session? 

Each session is allocated 50 minutes. A lot is covered during this time.

 Towards the end of the session, clients have the opportunity to delve deeper into what was discussed and set goals for future sessions.

How do I know if counselling sessions are suitable for me? 

Deciding to pursue counselling is an essential step towards caring for yourself. During an initial consultation, we will identify the type of therapysuitablet for you and clarify your goals. The early sessions will involve getting to know one another and establishing a rapport. Then, during your therapy, you can explore your thoughts and feelings in a safe and supportive environment. Finally, you can decide if you want to continue working with us based on your experience.

How many sessions of counselling do I need?

The length of therapy varies depending on the individual. Some people may attend for a few weeks, while others may require severals months, especially if they wish to delve deeper into underlying issues. During our initial consultation, we can discuss this and determine the best course of action based on your specific needs and goals. It's essential to consider the changes you wish to see and how quickly you hope to see them.

Cancelling a session

A 24-hour notice period is required if you need to cancel your appointment. Half payment for cancelling a session in less than 24 hours will be required. Please note that we allow up to two no-shows before being removed from our client list.


Initial Consultation Appointment

This is a stand-alone, one-off initial consultation. This will allow you to see if I am the right counsellor and ask questions about how therapy may work for you. In turn, I will be assessing your therapeutic needs with you. It also provides the opportunity to discuss fees and any other practical matters. This lasts for 30 minutes. The current price for this is £10.

Ongoing Sessions

These last for 50 minutes and are generally once a week at the same time.  
The fee per session is £50, depending on your income.


Reduced Fees Sessions Appointment

I do keep some reduced-fee spaces available. These are for students, people currently out of work, or those with low incomes. There may be a short waiting list for these spaces. Please arrange an initial consultation with me to discuss this.

Shift Workers

I know many people do not work a regular week, and I have worked successfully with people under these circumstances.

Accreditations and Working Partnership

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