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Smiling Girl

I had 24 sessions with Courtnee. I had a list of 5 ‘issues’ I wanted to address/work on with my time with her, and I feel like I have worked through all of them (some more than others). The rest of them are for me to put into action.

Courtnee was easy to speak to, and I feel she could understand/ empathise with my issues without needing a lot of details (being a black woman, this was important to me). This led to many ‘Ah-ha’ moments- I answered most of my questions.
I was given homework weekly that enabled me to focus on emotions & situations and get some form of closure.
Therapy helps!

Rayy, England

Liz, Ireland 

I very much like your directive style and will ask for you if I need to return. Thanks for everything.

Ameya, Spain

I really appreciate everything that you helped me through, and I wish you all the best! 

Jana, Netherlands

I just wanted to thank you and send you this final message as a goodbye message. It has been nice sharing things with you. I wish you all the best 

Accreditations and Working Partnership

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